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Doug McKenzie-Mohr, Ph.D.

Community-Based Social Marketing Workshops

organized by McKenzie-Mohr & Associates
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Outstanding presentation style. Expertise is obvious. - Toronto, Canada
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Superb presentation skills. - Melbourne, Australia
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Fantastic workshop. - Melbourne, Australia
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I found myself talking about if for days afterwards. - Adelaide, Australia
Wonderful workshop. - Toronto, Canada
I want to thank you for a fabulous presentation! - Toronto, Canada
Thank you for a terrific workshop. - Phoenix. USA
One of the best trainings I've ever attended! - Denver, USA
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I was enormously impressed with the workshop. - Olympia, USA
A wonderful and engaging speaker. - Toronto, Canada
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Workshop was fantastic. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. - Boston, USA
Thank you for such a wonderful learning atmosphere. - Seattle, USA
Feedback from participants has been phenomenal! - Auckland, NZ
Thank you again ever so much for the wonderful workshops. - Gainesville, USA
Fantastic workshop, one of the most valuable I've ever attended! - Baltimore, USA
THANK YOU. Fantastic workshop. Worth every cent (and more). - Perth, Australia
Easily the most applicable and relevant workshop I've been to to date. - Toronto, Canada
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Vancouver, BC Workshops

13th - 16th February, 2018

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About the Speaker

About the Speaker

For over three decades Dr. McKenzie-Mohr has been working to incorporate scientific knowledge on behaviour change into the design and delivery of community programs. He is the founder of community-based social marketing and the author of three books on the topic. One of these books has been recommended by Time Magazine and become requisite reading for those who deliver programs to protect the environment, promote public health and prevent injuries. He has delivered workshops internationally for over 70,000 program managers and has served as an advisor on a broad array of environment, health and injury prevention programs. His work has been featured in the New York Times and he is the recipient of the American Psychological Association’s inaugural award for innovation in environmental psychology and the World Social Marketing conference’s inaugural award for contributions to the field of social marketing. He is a former Professor of Psychology at St. Thomas University in New Brunswick, Canada

Introductory Workshop


This two-day workshop provides a comprehensive introduction to community-based social marketing and how it is being applied throughout the world to foster sustainable and healthy behaviour. Those who attend the workshop will learn the five steps of community-based social marketing (selecting behaviours, identifying barriers, developing strategies, conducting pilots, and broad scale implementation) and be exposed to numerous case studies illustrating its use. As such, this workshop provides an in-depth exposure to community-based social marketing and provides participants with the knowledge they need to design and evaluate their own community-based social marketing programs. Further, attendees will have extensive opportunities to discuss the application of community-based social marketing to the design of actual programs. At the end of the two days participants will have acquired sufficient knowledge to use community-based social marketing to develop successful programs to foster sustainable and healthy behaviour. This workshop is a mandatory prerequisite for attending the advanced community-based social marketing workshop with Dr. McKenzie-Mohr.

Advanced Workshop


This two-day advanced workshop provides an in-depth exploration of how community-based social marketing can be used to foster sustainable and healthy behaviour. The session will introduce leading-edge material on selecting behaviours, identifying barriers and benefits to selected behaviours (including topics such as market segmentation, selecting random samples, and survey construction), utilizing behaviour change tools (some exciting new developments regarding the use of commitments, norms, communication, social diffusion, and goal setting in increasing the adoption of sustainable behaviours will be covered). In addition, the workshop will address the effective use of social media, smart phone apps and websites in the promotion of behavioural changes (in particular, we will explore why the use of social media and websites often fail to produce changes in behaviour and how you can use these resources more effectively). The session will also address advanced topics regarding the design and evaluation of programs as well as the calculation of return-on-investment for programs. Further, participants will be coached in making community-based social marketing presentations to their agency or community and will receive PowerPoint and Keynote presentations for this purpose. Having attended an introductory community-based social marketing workshop with Dr McKenzie-Mohr is a mandatory prerequisite for this workshop. If you have not previously attended an introductory workshop, you can register for both the introductory and advanced workshops at a reduced cost.

Group Bookings

If you are interested in registering four or more people from the same agency, please contact us. We have two group rates; for groups of 4 to 9 there is a $50 reduction and for groups of 10 or larger there is a $75 reduction.

Venue Details

Both the Introductory and Advanced workshops are being held at the Vancouver City Hall, 453 W 12th Ave., Vancouver (Main Floor Town Hall, Room 110). Both days of the introductory and advanced workshops begin at 9:00 am and finish at 4:00 pm. We would ask that you arrive by 8:45 am on the first day of either workshop so that we can deal with registrations prior to our start. Venue information will be emailed to registrants. Introductory workshop attendees receive a copy of Dr. McKenzie-Mohr's book, "An Introduction to Community-Based Social Marketing (3rd Edition)" at the event. Lunch on both days is included in the registration fee.